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~Texas Braid~
Class Supply List

What a way to dig into your scraps!
This quilt can be made any size depending on the number of braids you make, and how long you make them.
The scrappier, the better!

For this class you will need:

My Book, "Adventures With Leaders & Enders" is required for this class. You may ask for it at your local shop, or you can pre-order a signed copy  from me here: http://quiltvil.startlogic.com/store/page5.html

I will also have books available on the class day if you wish to wait. The cost of the book is $25.00.

In addition to your fabric you will need the basics:
  • Sewing machine in working order (including power cords and extention cords)
  • Thread, scissors, seam ripper,pins and any other notions you usually sew with.
  • Rotary cutter, mat and ruler.
  • Wooden seam presser, unless individual irons are approved for your venue. Please don't overload the breakers and blow the fuses!
  • Please wear your guild name tag so I know who you are!
Extra reminder.....because these are things *I* forgot on MY last retreat!!
  • 1/4" piecing foot!!! (Yeah, I showed up with my walking foot on the machine because that was the last thing I sewed before retreat...dumb move on my part! :cD
Fabric requirements:

The braids in this quilt are light on one side, dark on the other.

By lights....I am talking mainly neutrals: white to cream to beige to tan....with some yellow and pink thrown in to perk it up!

The dark side, or what I like to think of as the "COLOR" side...as everything else...like a whole brand new box of crayons, everything goes on this side, as long as it is not white, beige, cream, or any other neutral.

My quilt fits my king sized bed. Just THINK of how many scraps you can put to good use in a quilt that fits your bed! What are you saving those scraps for anyway...?

This is one of those quilts where you don't have to cut everything ahead of time if you want to make the quilt this large, and if you are wanting to make it smaller, think accordingly. Go through your 2" strips if you have them...go through your fat quarters and scraps and choose things you would like to see "gone"! Just see how you can make a dent

This quilt used about 5 yards of lights and 5 yards of darks!

You won't finish THIS quilt in a day, but come with a good selection of the following to keep you busy enough for one day:

2" X 5" rectangles in lights (neutrals plus light yellow, light pink...just a sprinkling of those, not too many!)
2"X 5" rectangles in darks (or colors....all colors...remember, variety is the spice of the scrap quilt!)

The one thing that unifies and ties this quilt together is the solid red cornerstones. The solid red is also used for the binding.  For the king sized quilt shown, I used 3 1/4 yards solid red, but if you are wanting a smaller quilt, plan accordingly. That said...I believe no one can have too much solid red in their stash, so leftovers are GOOD!

Come with a good handful (shoot for 100!) of 2" red cornerstone squares, knowing that you can cut more if you need them.

In addition to your squares and rectangles, bring some 4" squares in lights and darks for making the triangle base of each braid. 4 of each should give you enough to start, and enough to swap!

Another thing that makes this quilt EXTRA fun is to trade rectangles with other students in the class. Bring some to share...trade for variety...let's have some FUN!

If there are any questions, as always you can email me at quiltville@gmail.com  I look forward to spending this workshop with you!

Questions or Comments? I would love to hear from you!!
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