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Strip Twist!

Approx 60 X76 including borders.
Make this fast and easy strip quilt for your favorite charity or loved one
All from 2.5" strips!

This block is easier than it looks and you only need 12 blocks to finish this lap quilt.

This is my 2.5" strip bin!

I actually have 2 of these, and they are chock full of scraps that I have cut down to 2.5" strips. This bin comes in really handy for projects like this one!

For this quilt you will need strips in lights and darks, 2.5" wide, and I suggest at least 18" long. You will be cutting the strip sets into 8.5" sub sections, And you can get 4 block quarters from a strip set that is 18" long to begin with. Cutting strips from FQ's works really well, or you can use fabric yardage and REALLY long strips. The shortest your strips can be is 9". You just have to sew more strip sets together to get the number of block quarters you need to sew your blocks.

Let's begin!


Each "strip set" is made with 2 light strips alternating with 2 dark strips. I sew a light to a dark twice, press the seams towards the dark, and then put one set of two on top of the other set of two with right sides together. Press the center seam also towards the dark.


You need TWO strip sets of 4 strips each (shown above) before you can start cutting block sections.
I try to vary the colors between the two sets, and go for good contrast.

This step is IMPORTANT!! Always lay your bottom set with the dark towards you, and the top set with the lights on top of darks/darks on top of lights with RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER.

Square off one end of the layered strip sets, and subcut into 8.5" squares.

Now this step is IMPORTANT too.

 Every set of blocks you make, you want to make sure that your diagonal cut goes the same direction. I am right handed, so I cut from the bottom right of the layered squares to the top left.

Now take these layered triangles to your machine and stitch down the diagonal edge with a 1/4" seam. Because you pressed all the seams towards the dark and the two layers are lights on darks, your seams will butt perfectly! It is easy to get them to match as you sew the seams. Press your block quarters open.

The first pic shows how to lay out the block quarters, the second pic shows how they look sewn together!
Do you see how the upper left and the bottom right block quarter have the tiny triangles pointing IN? The bottom left and upper right have the tiny triangles pointing OUT. This keeps the blocks spinning and adds alot of motion to the quilt.

Here are 3 blocks set side by side.
Most of the motion in the quilt comes when you set blocks TOGETHER. It starts to look like the "main" block is set on point inside the quilt!

I make a bunch of strip sets and different block quarters so that I have alot of variety when putting the block quarters together into blocks.

I would suggest making all the block quarters first, and then mix and match them into blocks as above, and that would help make sure that your colors are distributed through the quilt the way you want.

If you are really up for a challenge, try this with 2" strips! You would cut your strip sets into 6.5" squares, and then cut THOSE into the triangles. The method is the same, but you will end up with smaller blocks, lots more repeats, lots more scrappy motion!

After sewing the 48 block quarters into the 12 full blocks, arrange blocks in a manner pleasing to you, and stitch into rows. Sew rows together to complete quilt top center.
I framed this quilt with a 2" cut inner border (1.5" finished) and a 5" cut outter border.

For help attaching borders, visit my border hints page!

Questions or Comments? I would love to hear from you!!
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