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Bonnie Hunter
136 Teague Ct
Winston Salem NC 27107

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Quilting Prices:
(Each quilt is unique! Actual price may vary depending on actual quilt dimensions or the complexity of quilting designs.)
Minimum Quilting Charge: $50.00

Quilt Size Stipple/Meander
1.25¢  per sq inch
and All-Overs
1.5¢  to 2.5
¢ per sq inch
(depends on intricacy)
.5¢ per sq inch
4.5¢ per sq inch
Crib 45"X60"  $50.00  $50.00 - $67.50
Twin 68"X90"  $76.50 $91.80 - $153.00
Full 80"X90"  $90.00 $108.00 - $180.00
Queen 96"X108"  $129.60 $155.52 - $259.20
King 108"X108"  $145.80 $174.96 - $291.60

Quilt Size 
(Width X length):
Service: Total:
_____________ Stipple/Meander Quilting:  __________________ $___________
_____________ Pantograph Quilting 
Pattern Desired: ________________
_____________ Custom Quilting 
Patterns desired:______________
_____________ Heirloom Quilting 
Patterns desired:______________
 Special Instructions Here!
Hobbs Heirloom  80/20 96" Batting: 
Quilts 90" in length or less:
quilt width + 6" X .30 = ________
Quilts more than 90" in length:
quilt length + 6" X.30 = ________

Hobbs King Batting:
120"X120": $35.00
Thread color(s)_____________ 
(1st color included, $5.00 each additional color)
1/2 Machine Binding Service: 
length+width X 2=____" 
total # inches X .15=$____ 


You may supply your own batting, however we claim the right to refuse certain brands. Mountain Mist poly batting and the lightest weight of Quilter's Dream Cotton doNOT work well in longarm machines. Feel free to use them for your hand quilting and home machine quilting projects.

wallhanging/crib: $15.00
lap/twin:  $18.00
full/queen/king:  $20.00




Checks/Money Orders/Cashiers Checks are accepted as well as your credit card payment through PayPal!  I have recently switched over to using paypal due to safety measures, so you don't have to email your credit card number over the internet. If you don't have a PayPal account, it is easy to set one up. When I have your total, I will email you an invoice through Paypal, and you can then pay it that way. Easy as Pie!
~~~~~~~~~Small Print!~~~~~~~~~~

I value my reputation as a professional machine quilter and I guarantee the quality of the quilting I do for you, my valued customer. If you are not happy with the quilting on your quilt, please let me know within 72 hours. I will try every means possible to make it right for you. If that is not possible a refund in the form of credit may be indicated. Please know that Quiltville Custom Quilting will issue a credit for cost of Quilting Labor only. Batting, backing, binding and/or thread charges are separate charges and are NOT included in the credit. The Credit is good for three (3) months from the issue date (excludes the months of November and December). If the credit/refund issue is not resolved to the customer's satisfaction, the issue shall be resolved by binding arbitration in Winston Salem NC under the then applicable rules of the American Arbitration Association.

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