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Double Delight!

~A Quiltville Mystery Quilt~

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Part 5!

The Double 9 Patch Block!

It's time to put the LAST units together!

Is there anything as timeless or as classic as a Double 9 Patch block?  This is ALSO the block that gave this quilt it's name!  Double as in two different Square in a Square units, and Double...as in Double 9 Patch!

You will need the 80 3.5" squares that you cut in the previous step, combining 4 of these with 5 of the 9 patches to make the block.

Make 20 Double 9 Patch blocks!

These will go a LOT faster than the Rolling Star blocks!  I can do these without pinning at all because of the way the seams are pressed. Press all seams towards the light unpieced squares.  I know some people say to press towards the dark, and usually that works fine, but a quilt top will also lay flatter with much less bulk if you press a pieced seam towards an unpieced unit.  If we press towards the 9 patches, those little seams are going to have to double back on themselves!  And that would be no Double Delight! :cD  Especially when it comes to the quilting process.

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