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Crayon Box!!

Approx Size: 81"X95"

Squares, bricks and strips...what could be more fun?

This quilt sews up so fast, you will have a pile of 12" blocks ready to set in no time!

For each block you will need:

(6) 2.5"X4.5" rectangles
(4) 2.5" X 6.5" rectangles
(2) 2.5" X 8.5" rectangles
(1) 4.5" square.

There is no rhyme or reason for the coloring in these blocks! Throwing in lights here and there brings in the sunshine.  The centers are big enough to be a good place to use fussy cut motifs, or conversation/novelty prints. Have fun with it!


Start with the center square.  We are going to add (2) 2.5" X 4.5" rectangles to two sides of the square, and (2) 2.5" X 8.5" rectangles to the other two sides in "courthouse steps" fashion! Press seams towards the rectangles as you go.  I like to piece on about 4 to 6 blocks at a time so I have some continuous chain piecing going.  One block has too many starts and stops and trimming of threads for my liking!


Sew the remaining 2.5" X 4.5" bricks into pairs, and the 2.5" X 6.5" rectangles into pairs also. Sew these pieced units on the block center as shown.  VOILA!  That's it! How easy can this be? No seams to match in this block at all!

At this point, I laid 30 blocks out on the floor....setting them 5X6.  I cut a bunch of sashings in various colors 2.5" X 12.5" and laid them between the blocks. The use of sashings means that there are even LESS seams to match up with you sew the blocks together! Then I went to my scrap squares bin, pulled out a bunch of 2.5" squares also in various colors and used them for the cornerstones.  I assembled the blocks and sashings into rows and then sewed the rows together.

A 2.5" cut inner border in black, and a 5" cut outer border of a fun swirly green finished off the quilt! I quilted it with "frisky feathers" designed by Willowleaf Studio. Purple binding tied it all together! (I know someone who says that purple is her "neutral"! I think she is right ;c)

Stash busting isn't just for the front of a quilt!  I used a bunch of big florals that were never going to be used anywhere else in the back of this quilt....pieced randomly! 

If you make this quilt, I'd love to post a pic of it here!

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